Professor of Mathematics, Harvey Mudd College

Professor de Pillis is passionate about using mathematics to look for solutions to real-world problems, and works with other mathematicians, biologists, and oncologists to search for new ways to treat cancer sufferers and victims of HIV infection.
She is a Professor of Mathematics, and holds the Norman F. Sprague Chaired Professorship of Life Sciences.

She came to Harvey Mudd College upon earning her Ph.D. in mathematics at UCLA. During her time at HMC, her research interests have moved from computational fluid dynamics and parallel computing to mathematical biology and cancer immunology. In the year 2000, Professor de Pillis’s multidisciplinary accomplishments were recognized by the Argonne National Laboratory with the Maria Goeppert-Mayer Distinguished Scholar award, an honor that had been bestowed on scientists from several fields, and only once before to a mathematician.

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L.G. de Pillis, Ph.D.
Norman F. Sprague, Jr. Professor of Life Sciences
Professor of Mathematics
Harvey Mudd College
Claremont, CA 91711

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