Light of Life

I wrote the following hymn for my church (Cambridgeport Church, Cambridge, MA) as part of an Advent devotional in the Christmas season of 1995.

Light of Life (based on John 1:1-18)
sung to the tune of “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”
(Traditional American Melody; 1813)

There’s a light for all the weary, heavy-laden souls of care
and it shines down midst the darkness, can you see it blazing there?
Star of Bethle’em, star from Jacob, bright and radiant morning Star!
Cast Your rays in my direction, lead me on the journey far.

Though my heart feels dim and glacial, when I’m in my hour of prayer
I can feel Your fire upon it, I can see Your luster there.
And Your light shines in my darkness, and the darkness cannot hide!
Burn away my icy pallor, sear away my stubborn pride.

In our daily toil of living with the forces of the night
the Almighty shines a beacon in the darkness of the fight—
there to cause us to gaze heavenward, there to lift our downcast eyes!
from the earthly sinful struggle to the upward call of Christ.

Oh, how glorious th’ living Word is, and the flesh that He became
to redeem each suff’ring soul through His own blood and sacred pain!
Blessed Jesus, I am pleading— hold my bleeding heart aright!
for I am needy for a Saviour, and I am blind without a Light.

— by Francis Edward Su

((Copyright December 1995 by Francis Edward Su. May be
freely distributed electronically in whole or in part, but please
keep this notice attached and do not alter the text.))