NSF Grants

  1. Together with Professor Lisette de Pillis, we obtained NSF grant: $328,283 on “Mathematical Modeling of the Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy and Vaccine Therapy of Cancer”, NSF proposal code: 0414011.
  2. Together with Professors Ali Nadim and Ellis Cumberbatch, we obtained NSF grwut. $424,135 on “CGU-Boeing partnership in Geometric Modeling for Industrial Applications”, NSF proposal code: 0538663.

Currently preparing an NSF grant for “Developing Student Leadership Through Case Studies”

Mellon Grants

  1. Mellon Faculty Career Development New Venture Grant, $ 23,739. Period: Summer 2005 – Summer 2006.
  2. Mellon Grants at Harvey Mudd College, Weiqing Gu (Principal investigator), Ran Libeskind-Hadas and Michael Moody, Summer 1997, (Supervising three students.)
  3. Mellon Grants at Harvey Mudd College, Summer, 1998. (Supervising two students.)
  4. Mellon Grants at Harvey Mudd College, Summer, 1999. (Supervising three students.)

Beckman Summer Research Grants

  1. Faculty Research Grant at Harvey Mudd College, Summer, 1997. (Supervising cile research student.)
  2. Faculty Research Grant at Harvey Mudd College, Summer, 1999. (Supervising one research student.)
  3. Faculty Research Grant at Harvey Mudd College, Summer, 2000. (Supervising one research student.)
  4. Faculty Research Grant at Harvey Mudd College, Summer, 2001. (Supervising two research students.)

I also obtained several HMMI and QLS funds for my summer research students.

Travel Grants/Miscellaneous

  1. Travel grant from NSA and NSF to participate in the Julia Robinson Celebration of Women in Mathematics Conference at MSRI, July, 1996.
  2. Travel grant from ONR to attend the Joint Math Meetings and AWM Workshop at San Diego, California, January, 1997.
  3. Travel grant to attend Pacific NW Geometry Conference at MSRI, February, 1997.
  4. Travel grants from NSF and AWM to attend the 12th Geometry Festival at Duke University, March, 1997.
  5. Ravel grants to attend Midwest Geometry Conference at the University of Kansas. April, 1997 and Sixth Southern California Geometry Analysis Seminar at the University of California, Irvine, May, 1997.
  6. Partial travel grant from the Research Foundation of State University of New York to attend a conference of Connections in Modern Mathematics and Physics at Stony Brook, NY, April, 1998.
  7. Travel grant from the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences to attend the Pacific Riemannian Geometry Conference at University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Canada, June, 1998.
  8. Travel grant from the University of Pennsylvania to attend the 14th Geometry Festival. April, 1999.
  9. Travel grant from PNGS to attend the Pacific Northwest Geometry Seminar at the University of Washington at Seattle, May 1999.
  10. Travel grant from MSRI to attend the Workshop on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Aided Design, June, 1999.
  11. Grants from Mathematical Sciences Research Institute for attending the MSRI 1999 Summer Program in Lie groups and the method of moving frame/Exterior Differential Systems, 1999.
  12. Grants from Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) for attending the Olga Taussky Todd Celebration of Careers in Mathematics for Women, July, 1999.
  13. Travel grants from University of Notre Dame, Indiana University Purdue University and Stanford University to give talks, November 2000.
  14. Travel grants from International Conference in Applied Mathematics Winter 2002, Scuola Superiore G. Reiss Romoli, L’Aquila, Italy for giving a keynote speech, .lanuary, 2002.
  15. Travel grant from Stanford to attend Geometry Analysis: In honor of Richard Melrose, March, 2002.
  16. Travel grant from Annual Southeast Geometry Conference for giving a talk, April, 2002.
  17. Travel grant from American Mathematics Society to attend the International Congress of Mathematicians in Beijing China, August, 2002.
  18. Travel grant from MSRI for attending workshop on Ricci Flow and Geometrization of 3-manifolds, Part I at AIM and PartII at MSRI, December, 2003.
  19. Travel grant from MSRI for attending Workshop: Von Neumann Symposium on Complex Geometry, Calibrations, and Special Holonomy, MSRI, August, 2003.
  20. Full support from IPAM for attending Symplectic Geometry and Physics Retreat at Lake Arrowhead, June, 2003.
  21. Partial support from IPAM for attending workshops from I-IV on Symplectic Geometry and Physics Workshop IV, March-June, 2003.
  22. Travel support from UC Irvine for attending 10th Southern California Geometric Analysis Seminar, August, 2003.
  23. Travel grant from AWM and NSF for attending conference on Women Mathematicians Taking a Leadership Role at the University of Maryland, March, 2004.
  24. Travel grant from Stanford for giving invited talks at its Geometry Seminar and at MSRI.
  25. Partial travel grant for attending Yamabe Symposium at the University of Minnesota, September, 2004.
  26. Travel grant for giving 3 invited talks during my trip in China, 10/14/04—-10/24/04, at the Math Dept, Fudan University; the Center of Mathematical Sciences, ZhiJiang University; and the Shanghai Research Institute, China Technology University.
  27. Partial travel grant from Courant Institute of Mathematics Science for attending conference: Submanifolds, Singularities and Stratified Spaces, March, 2005.
  28. Obtained living support from the Center of Mathematical Sciences, ZhiJiang University for attending International Conference in Geometry and Analysis in Celebration of Prof. Leon Simon’s 60th Birthday, at the Center of Mathematical Sciences, ZhiJiung University, June, 2005.
  29. Obtained full support from AIM to attend Numerical Methods for Optimal Control in High Dimensions, August, 2005.