Service to the Community

College Committees

  • Scholarly Standing Committee
  • College Planning (Mellon Proposal Writing) Committee
  • College Computing Committee
  • College Faculty Research Committee
  • College Presentations Day Committee
  • HMC-Scripps Mellon Implementation Committee
  • I had been on the Scholarly Standing Committee for several years and helped the school interpret and propose academic regulations.
  • I helped Scripps and Harvey Mudd Colleges obtain over $2 million of Mellon funds for faculty career development.

Department Committees

  • Math Department Faculty Search Committee
  • Math Department Curriculum Committee
  • Math Department Computer and Technology User Committee
  • Math Department Assessment and Self-Study Committee
  • Other Departmental Ad hoc Committees
  • I have been on the Department Faculty Search Committee many times and worked very hard to help the department recruit excellent faculty members.
  • I also have been on the Department Curriculum Committee many times, dealing with each petition very carefully. Currently I am participating in the process of reforming our core courses.

Invited Talks, Colloquia, Posts, and Meetings Attended


  1. 12th Southern California Geometry and Analysis Seminar at UCSD, 2/19/05-2/20/05.
  2. Conference: Submanifolds on Singular Varieties and Stratified Spaces, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 3/13/05-3/16/05.
  3. Given a talk on Calibrated Exceptional Geometry at 1007th AMS Meeting, also attended the meeting, 4/16/05-4/17/05.
  4. Given a talk on Optimal Control of Immunotherapy and Chemotherapy of Dxrnors. Claremont College Math Colloquium, 4/27/05.
  5. Professional Grant Proposal Writing Workshop, The Grant Institute, San Diego State University, 5/23/05-5/25/05.
  6. International Conference in Geometry and Analysis in Celebration of Prof. Leon Simon’s 60th Birthday, at the Center of Mathematical Sciences, ZhiJiang Universit,y. 6/24/05-6/26/05.
  7. Numerical Methods for Optimal Control in High Dimensions, 8/31/05-9/2/05.


  1. Seminar: llth SCGAS at UC Irvine, 2/21/04.
  2. Workshop: Geometric Flow Workshop at IPAM, 2/23/04-2/27/04.
  3. Conference: Women Mathematicians Taking a Leadership Role at the University of Maryland, 3/11/04-3/14/04.
  4. Workshop: Symplectic Geometry and Math Physics at MSRI, 3/22/04-3/26/04.
  5. SIAM Applied Math Symposium at HMC, 4/24/04.
  6. Invited Talk: at Stanford, 4/28/04.
  7. Invited Talk: at MSRI, 5/13/04.
  8. Yamabe Symposium at the University of Minnesota, 9/17/04-9/19/04.
  9. Contributed talk at the Mathematical Association of America, Southern CaliforniaNevada Section, 10/9/04-10/10/04.
  10. Gave 3 Invited Talks during my trip in China, 10/14/04-10/24/04, at the Math Dept, Fudan University; the Center of Mathematical Sciences, ZhiJiang University; and the Shanghai Research Institute, China Technology University.
  11. Mellon Workshop on Mathematical Modeling, 11/5/04-11/7/04, Pomona College.


  1. Workshop: Ricci Flow and Geometrization of 3-manifolds, Part II, MSRI, 12/15/03-12/19/03.
  2. Conference: Ricci Flow and Geometrization of 3-manifolds, Part I, AIM Research Conference center, 12/9/03-12/13/03.
  3. Mt. Baldy Conference on Mathematics Biology, HMC, 11/8/03.
  4. Workshop: Von Neumann Symposium on Complex Geometry, Calibrations, and Special Holonomy, MSRI, 8/11/03-8/20/03.
  5. Symplectic Geometry and Physics Retreat at Lake Arrowhead, 6/8/03-6/13/03.
  6. Symplectic Geometry and Physics Workshop IV: Symplectic Geometry and String Thecry, IPAM, 6/2/03-6/6/03.
  7. Symplectic Geometry and Physics Workshop III: Geometry and Physics of G2 Manifolds, IPAM, 4/29/03 – 5/2/03.
  8. Symplectic Geometry and Physics Workshop II: Geometry of Lagrangian Submanifolds, IPAM, 4/14/03-4/18/03.
  9. Symplectic Geometry and Physics Workshop I: Symplectic Geometry, IPAM, 3/24/03-3/28/03.
  10. Symplectic Geometry and Physics: Tutorials, IPAM, 3/18/03-3/21/03.
  11. MAA meeting at HMC, 3/8/03.
  12. Kyoto Conference at UCSD, 3/5/03.
  13. 10th Southern California Geometric Analysis Seminar, 2/08/03-02/09/03. 14. Joint Mathematics Meetings at Baltimore, 1/15/03-1/18/03.


  1. Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Diego, l/06/02-1/09/02.
  2. International Conference in Applied Mathematics Winter 2002, Scuola Superiore G. Reiss Romoli, L’Aquila, Italy, l/21/02-1/27/02.
  3. 9th Southern California Geometric Analysis Seminar, 2/02/02-2/03/02.
  4. Geometry Seminar, UCLA, 2/26/02.
  5. Geometry Analysis Conference in honor of Richard Melrose, MIT, 3/23/02-3/25/02.
  6. Topology Seminar, UCSD, 4/02/02.
  7. Annual Southeast Geometry Conference, 4/19/02-4/21/02.
  8. Minimal Varieties in Geometry and Physics-A Conference on the Occasion of Brain(Lawson’s 60th Birthday, Stony Brook, 6/01/02-6/07/02.
  9. IPAM RIPS Talks and Presentations, UCLA, Summer 2002.
  10. International Congress of Mathematicians, Beijing, 8/20/02-8/28/02.


  1. Geometric Aspects of Spectral Theory Workshop at MSRI, 3/12/01-3/16/01.
  2. Conference on Symplectic Geometry and Applications to Physics at UC Irvine, 4/12/01-4/15/01.
  3. Distinguished Lecture Series by Richard Schoen on A Survey of Recent Progress in Differential Geometry and General Relativity, -5/16/01-5/18/01.
  4. Stauffer Talk on Volume Minimizing Cycles and Submanifolds Calibrated by Certain Invariant Differential forms at Harvey Mudd College, 6/28/01.
  5. SIAM Conference on Geometric Design and Computing, Sacramento, California, 11/05/01-11/08/01.
  6. Fall Meeting of the Southern California Section of the Mathematical Association of America, Loyola Marymount University, 10/13/01.
  7. 972nd American Mathematics Society Meeting, UC Irvine, 11/10/01-11/12/01.


  1. The Topology/ Geometry Seminar at the University California at Riverside, January, 2000.
  2. The Topology Seminar at Caltech, February, 2000.
  3. The Claremont topology seminar, March and April, 2000.
  4. Distinguished Lecture Series by Prof. Gang Tian at UCLA, May, 2000.
  5. Panorama of Mathematics conference in honor of S. S. Chern, 9/13/00-9/16/00.
  6. Geometry seminar at Notre Dame, 11/2/00.
  7. Colloquium talk at Indiana University Purdue University, 11/03/00-11/04/00.
  8. Stanford Geometric Seminar, 11/08/00.
  9. Math Department Colloquium at Stanford, 11/09/00.
  10. Contact Geometry Conference at Stanford, 12/13/00-12/17/00.


  1. The summer 1999 Workshop of the Association for Women in Mathematics, July, 1999.
  2. A research meeting at the University of California, Davis and where I established collaborative work with Rida Farouki and Hwan Pyo Moon. September, 1999.
  3. The 91st Southern California Topology Colloquium at Caltech Topology. Decernbor. 1999.
  4. Attended all seminar talks and conferences at UC Irvine, Spring 1999 while spending my one-semester sabbatical there.


  1. Pacific Northwest Geometry Seminar, 1998 Winter Meeting at MSRI, February, 1998.
  2. The Symposium in Geometry, a conference in honor of S. S. Chern at Mathernatioal Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, CA, March, 1998.
  3. Connections in Modern Mathematics and Physics at Stony Brook, NY, April, 1998.
  4. Mellon Project Presentation, Harvey Mudd College, April, 1998.
  5. Seminar on Differential Geometry and Teaching Styles of U.S.A, Shanghai Teacher’s University, Feng-Xian Campus, Shanghai, China, June, 1998.
  6. Pacific Riemannian Geometry Conference at University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Canada, July, 1998.
  7. International Congress of Mathematicians, ICM 1998, Berlin, Germany, August, 1998.


  1. University of Southern California, Geometry and Topology Colloquium, Fall, 1997.
  2. The Joint Math Meetings and AWM Workshop, January, 1997.
  3. The Claremont Colleges of Mathematics Colloquium, Spring, 1997.
  4. MW Geometry Conference, Spring, 1997.
  5. The Workshop on Geometry and Complexity at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences at University of Toronto, May, 1997.
  6. 1997 Lehigh University Geometry/Topology Conference, Summer, 1997.


  1. University of Westchester, Department of Mathematics, Spring, 1996.
  2. University of Pittsburgh, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Spring, 1996.
  3. University of Arizona (at Tucson), Department of Mathematics, Spring, 1996.
  4. Lycoming College, Department of Mathematics, Spring, 1996.
  5. Drexel University, Department of Mathematics, Spring, 1996.
  6. The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Spring, 1996.
  7. University of Maine, Department of Computer Science, Spring, 1996.
  8. 1996 Meeting of Association for Women in Mathematics at MSRI, Summer, 1996.

Fund Raising

Helped Harvey Mudd College and Scripps College obtain large Mellon Grant, gained my two NSF grants, several Beckman Faculty Research grants, Mellon Grants, and many travel grants. I am currently writing grant proposals to raise funds for the following two activities:

  1. Developing HMC student leadership through case studies
  2. Establishing Claremont Math-Industry, Mathematical Science Research Center

Industrial Collaborations and Connections

Besides being an HMC faculty Clinic adviser or consultant for 6 industry math clinics, I have made connections and collaborated with people at the following organizations:

  1. Been a faculty adviser for Summer 02 IPAM (Inst. for Pure and Applied Mathematics) Research in Industrial Projects for students. (The project I supervised comes from Los Alamos National Lab.)
  2. Conducted research with Dr. Louis Romero and Dr. Jeff Mason at the Computer Scioncc Research Institute of Sandia National Laboratories on the research project of COSPASSARSAT (Search And Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking).
  3. Worked at the HP Lab, Summer 2005, and collaborated with the color and imagc scientist, Ingeborg Tastl, in developing new models for effective production of’ ICC profiles. There are two patents under consideration by hp according to our research results.
  4. Made connections to people at industry or National labs for future possible math Clinic projects. For example, invited by Wayne Johnson, vice president for Hewlett-Packard Company, University Relations Worldwide to meet his group and discuss the further collaboration between HMC and HP.
  5. Currently I am the Associate Math Clinic Director and will be the Math Clinic Director starting next academic year.

Supervising, Mentoring, Evaluating and Actively Involving Students in Research, Clinic Projects and Service

In addition to supervising in research and technology efforts of 14 senior thesis students, 20 summer research students, 7 Mellon project students, 18 independent study students, 22 industry math Clinic project students, and many mathematical majors, I have guided the students in applying to graduate schools or industry jobs. I have helped students participating in national and regional conferences, summer programs, preparing talks and posters, and gaining graduate fellowships, internships, and various other funds. I have participated in hundreds of rehearsals and given my feedback to the students in order for them to give excellent presentations and talks. I have read, discussed, and given my comments back to the students for hundreds of draft reports of senior theses, Clinic reports, and research papers in order to have professionally written reports. (Please seeĀ the senior thesis homepage).

I have written dozens of recommendations for the above students and other students each year. Almost all the students I have supervised have done and have been doing graduate work at top universities or found jobs at companies, many of them Fortune 500 companies.

Active In Information Dissemination Through Electronic Course Development. Conference Organizations And Speaker Engagements

Besides developing or updating several courses for HMC, I have shared my teaching experience with many other professors at Claremont or at other universities since almost all my course materials are in electronic forms (I even LaTeX solution sets for most of my courses).

Organized Mt. Baldy Conference on Differential Geometry, Fall 2001. Arranged several colloquium speakers for math and computer science students. Guided math forums at HN1C.

National and International invited and keynote speaker, U.S., Italy, Canada, China, inc:hading support from NSF, AMS, AWM, IPAM, AIM, ONR, MSRI and various universities at U.S.

Development of New Programs and Innovation

Developed four new research programs at Harvey Mudd College and more broadly at the Claremont Colleges as mentioned in my research statement:

  1. Differential Geometry and its Applications in String Theory
  2. Geometric Modeling and Design
  3. Applications of Mathematics and Computer Science to Industrial Problems
  4. Applications to Math-Biology

I did this by publishing papers, collaborating with many researchers in other institutions, and actively involving undergraduates at HMC in my research. Such research programs will definitely help HMC in many ways, including raising funds and attracting prospective students.

Service to Profession

Professional Memberships

  • American Mathematical Society
  • Mathematical Association of America
  • Association for Women in Mathematics
  • The International Linear Algebra Society
  • The Mathematics Education Program and People to People Ambassador Program organized by the Ministry of Education of the Chinese government and the Peking Normal University


Reviewed certain parts of books: For example, reviewed three chapters from the book Finslerian Geometries, edited by P. L. Antonelli, for Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Reviewed several NSF proposals: For example, reviewed the NSF proposal of John Zweck on Characteristic Currents of Vector Bundle Maps for the Division of Mathematical Sciences of NSF, Proposal code: 98-03383; and the NSF proposal of Daniel Burns on Complex Analysis and Geometry for the Division of Mathematical Science of NSF. Proposal code: 0072155.

Reviewed many papers: For example, reviewed a paper by Benham, Lin, and Miller on Subspaces of knot spaces for Proceeding of the American Mathematical Society; and a paper of Jiri Dadok and Reese Harvey on The Pontryagin 4-Form for Proceeding of the American Mathematical Society.

Supervising Students from Other Claremont Collegest to Maintain Close Relationship with Other Sister Colleges

Supervising two Ph.D. thesis students for CGU. One of them has passed his thesis defense.

Supervising several Pomona math senior theses such as Matt Holden who won a Downing Fellowship, and is attending Cambridge University in England for Advanced Study in Mathematics in the Part III Tripos program.

Making International Connections

Attended international conferences, giving talks in Canada, Italy, Germany, and China.

Collaborated with Professor Helmut Pottmann at the Institute fur Geometrie, Technische Universitat Wien.

Made connections to Fudan University, the Center of Mathematical Sciences and Math department, ZhiJiang University, and the Shanghai Research Institute, China Technology University. Recently, I invited Professor Fan Chunn Graham to visit and give presentations at the Shanghai Research Institute.

Contributed to Conferences and Workshops Through the Following Activities

Since 1996, I have attended about 100 conferences and workshops and given many talks, presentations, introduced many speakers, submitted papers, participated in discussions, and collaborated with other researchers.

Chairman for some of differential geometry and computer aided geometric design sessions of several conferences such as ICM (International Congress of Mathematicians) 1998, (at Berlin) and 2002 (at Beijing).

I have organized conferences such as Mt. Baldy conference on Differential Geometry at HMC.