Calculus Limerick

Here’s a calculus limerick:

Integral z-squared dz 
from 1 to the cube root of 3 
times the cosine 
of three pi over 9 
equals log of the cube root of ‘e’. 

—Betsy Devine and Joel E. Cohen

Presentation Suggestions:
Students may enjoy verifying the limerick’s claim! p.s. Remember that in all of calculus, the logarithm means natural log. Oh, and for our British friends who say “z” as “zed”, the “z” in this limerick should be pronounced “zee”!

The Math Behind the Fact:
Students will enjoy creating their own math limericks… it brings out the cultural aspect of mathematics.

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Devine, Betsy and Joel E. Cohen, Absolute Zero Gravity, Simon and Schuster, 1992, p.37.

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Arthur Benjamin

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