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Contributors of Fun Facts

  • Francis Su
  • Lesley Ward
  • Arthur Benjamin
  • Joshua Sabloff
  • Michael Moody
  • Stan Wagon
  • Thomas LoFaro
  • Ravi Vakil
  • Alon Amit
  • James Baglama
  • Lew Ludwig
  • Byron Walden
  • Jorge Aarao
  • Sam Vandervelde
  • Dominic Mazzoni
  • Timothy Chow
  • Zach Dodds
  • Tommy Ratliff
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  • Brad Mann
  • Aaron Archer
  • Joel Miller
  • Allen Stenger
  • Graeme McRae
  • Tom Price
  • Johannes Huisman
  • Ed Poncin
  • Jon Jacobsen

Thanks also to those who provided references and suggestions (via the comment form on each page):

Andrew Bernoff, David Feil, Dan Fox, David Cox, David Henderson, Michael Soyka, Ravi Vakil, Deb Hughes Hallett, Jennifer Quinn, Wes Turner, Patrick Vinograd, William Meyerson, Friedrich Hattendorf, Timothy Chow, Renu Bhatnagar, Alan Levine, Dan Eilers, Jerrold Grossman, Phyllis Chinn, Amy Biesterfeld, Steve DiVerdi, Rob Biedenharn, Isabel Gutierrez, Carlos Rivera, Nate Cappallo, Micah Smukler, Paul Young, Aaron Archer, Jorge Aarao, Pedro Fernandez, Larry Lesser, Marco Latini, Sammy Black, Joel Miller, Thomas Epp, Michael Beeson, Michael Vrable, Johannes Huisman, Alan Ferguson, Trudy Nye, Peter Jipsen, Ben Petschel, Robert Dirks, Michael Ruane-Torr, Jim Harrington, Graeme McRae, John Engelke, Brennan Hula, Hans Vernaeve, Michael Moody, Bill Jones, Bruce O’Neill, Daniel Asimov, Andrew Ross, Yvon Vignaud, Bob Chen, Lars Huttar, Dylan Yott, Jef Raskin, as well as anonymous contributors.

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